City Alo Certification Course

City Alo Certification Course

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The City Alo Certification Program done in collaboration with Chittagong Independent University (CIU) is a business certification program for women entrepreneurs in Chattrogram region. Through this specially designed program, women entrepreneurs can get in-depth knowledge on building a successful business and also gather knowledge on many other crucial topics related to business.


Specially designed entrepreneurial certification course for women entrepreneurs in Chittagong in collaboration with Chittagong Independent University


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Take the first step into entrepreneurship by enrolling in the City Alo Certification Program with CIU and let us help your succeed!

Course Outline

Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial mindset, Business Setup procedures and forms of ownership, Developing Business Plans and roadmap for the business, Cost management, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Banking and Financing, Managing and Motivating Human Resources, Quality Management and Operations and Value/ Supply Chain, Marketing, Selling, Branding, Customer Relationship Management

  • WEEK-1: Introduction 

    Ice Breaking Session and understanding of the City Alo Certification Course.
  • WEEK-2: The Business Canvas Model and Human Resources Management

    Understanding of the Business Canvas Model and the fundamentals of starting a business.  Also, a brief understanding of how to hire, train, retain and how to develop a long-term relationship with your employees. 
  • WEEK-3: Essentials of Forming a Business

    Understanding the essentials of forming a business. Trade License (How to obtain, Renewal), RJSC Registration, VAT Registration, etc. Understanding the different cost elements, the difference between asset and expense, how to record revenue, etc. Also, a brief understanding of how to figure out profit and loss statements.
  • WEEK-4: Marketing

    Basics of Marketing - segmentation, targeting, branding & positioning. Factors to consider before successfully operating a business- market size, market share, market growth rate, analysis of competitors. Understanding of different promotional strategies and different channels. (Digital Marketing, Radio Advertising, etc.) Importance of digital marketing, creating value using social media as a tool for digital marketing.


  • WEEK-5: Marketing (contd.)

    In-depth understanding of Salesmanship - Who are your ideal customers? How and where can you find them? Do you have enough customers? What should you know about your industry and competition?


  • WEEK-6: The Business Canvas Model - Technology World

    Understanding business in the modern technology environment. Understanding of the different technological platforms, recognizing the demand for products that are new (or not yet seen) in the present market. 

  • WEEK-7: Capital, Cash Flow and Loan Management

    Understanding different types of capital and sources of capital. Basic understanding of cash flow and how much someone should invest in their business, knowing the break-even point and target revenue. Also, understanding of loan planning, the criteria of eligibility and how to apply for a long term loan.

  • WEEK-8: Pricing & Volume

    Understanding of costs, break-even volume, price competition, know product margin, recognize the importance of margin, volume and opportunity. Discussing strategies on how to make your business more profitable?  

  • WEEK-9: Sourcing, Cost Control, and Purchasing

    Cost control, when to bulk purchase, how to build a strong relationship with suppliers. Discussion on Inventory Management, product procurement, how to enhance your product line and efficient supply chain management. How to set KPI's and plan for the growth of the business, etc.

  • WEEK-10: Networking and session on SME

    Elements of Interpersonal Communication, audience engagement, how to create and nurture a strong network, build customer loyalty, etc. Also, discussion on Microfinancing, SME Businesses - sharing some real-life cases of successful female SME Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

  • WEEK-11: Presentation and Closing Session

    Presentation on the assignment given on the course followed by closing remarks from the course coordinator and facilitators of the course of North South University. 

Course Fee

BDT 3,000 only

Class Day: Every Friday & Saturday,
Class Time: 09:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Course Instructors

Below are few of the experienced and qualified faculties that will teach the various modules of the course

Course Starts November, 2022

City Alo Certification Course

The registration for the upcoming batch is ongoing. Seats are limited and we will close the registration after reaching our total seat limit.