City Alo High Value Savings Account

City Alo High Value Savings Account

The City Alo High Value Savings Account is designed to help you maximize your earnings. At City Alo, we understand how important the well being of your family is. Through this account, our customers will receive life insurance coverage, as well as a discount card for selected hospitals and diagnostic clinics across Bangladesh.

Open an account

Open an account with a deposit of BDT 5,000 or BDT 1,000 through agent banking

Earn interest

You can start earning interest up to 1.50% per annum on your account with a minimum balance of BDT 1,00,000. The interest is calculated on the daily balance.

Special features

Get free insurance facility and health card, and discounts at clinics and hospitals across Bangladesh* on top of other features


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  • Features

    • Account opening: BDT 5,000 and BDT 1,000 through agent banking
    • Minimum balance for interest earning: BDT 1,00,000
    • Interest calculation frequency: Daily
    • Interest payment: Monthly
    • City Alo Debit Card
    • Daily Debit Card withdrawal limit: BDT 1,00,000
    • Free cheque-book if certain amount balance is maintained in previous month
    • Regular Account Statement provided for free. E-statement available
    • Auto Debit instructions available
    • Locker services, Citytouch Digital Banking, Call Center Service and SMS alerts
    • Cashbacks and discounts with City Alo Debit Card
    • Interest rate:
      • BDT 0 – 99,999 at 0.00%
      • BDT 1,00,000 – 4,99,999 at 0.50%
      • BDT 5,00,000 – 29,99,999 at 1.00%
      • BDT 30,00,000 and above at 1.50%

  • Eligibility

    • Age: At least 18 years old
    • Nationality: Bangladesh
    • For women only

  • Special Features

    • Cashback facility with City Alo Debit Card
    • Free standing instruction setup
    • Free Insurance Facility and Health Card. 
      Click here to see the list of Hospitals providing discounts with Health Card
    • Discount on locker charges
    • Discount on medical and student file processing fee

  • Open Account with Ekhoni App

How To Apply

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Are you interested in opening an account?

Please feel free to visit us at your nearest City Bank branch or call our 24/7 dedicated customer service center.

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