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7 Realistic Fitness Goals For Working Women

  • Simra Khan
  • Simra Khan
  • 19 Nov 2019

While we regularly try our best to balance everything in life, forgetting that trying to do everything at once can be a recipe for disaster. While we cannot anticipate and plan everything in our lives, we can still try to reduce our level of stress and live a normal healthy life. When trying to balance work, life, fitness, and eating well can feel impossible with limited hours in the day, all of it still plays a vital role in keeping our mind sane, improve our energy levels and thus enabling us to fit in with realistic workout goals and achieve it. Goals are important and they help you keep moving day after day with a measuring stick against which you can track your progress, goals should push you, but they should also be reasonable enough. Here are 7 realistic fitness goals which can get your fitness journey back on track.

Give Yourself Attainable Goals:

“9-5 Scheduled desk job can be ruthless for those who wants to shed those extra kilos, so a balance is required for which below you will find some tips and tricks which will help us stay fit and focused on both health and work.”

Workday Exercises: Choosing at home exercises you can follow from YouTube  like ‘Walking at home "Exercise by Leslie Sansone", 'Has Fit", "Jessicasmith Tv" and beginners yoga by 'Shilpa Shetty' can be best for those weekdays early morning or late evening. A 30 Minute walk at home exercises can help you burn at least 200-500 calories.  Few desk exercises, taking the stairs instead of the lift and strolling around office premises after lunch is recommended. Also, keeping some healthy snacks handy is advisable. A light aerobic session can be most justifiable after office hours. Also, if you have children, they can join too. Also choosing exercises which have high Intensity yet low interval is most suitable for health enthusiast busy individuals.

Make Habits Of Lifestyle Changes:

Once you start living a disciplined life, that is doing everything in timely manner, you will want to work on adapting good habits into rest of the day. Pre-planning your day and prioritizing family time can enable you to live a stress-free happy life. Habits are easy to create; you only require dedication, attention and proper motivation. 21-day habit creation tactic can work wonders, it is said that it takes 21 days for you to create a habit.  Pre-planning your grocery and syncing them to the meals can help you to eat healthier too. Packing healthier lunch and snacks along with you can only be possible if you plan your meals ahead of time. Having 4-5 mini meals a day and following a diet like Clean Eating Lifestyle can be beneficial for you to lose weight in a healthier manner. Saying no to processed, refined, and deep fried food at office is crucial to good health.

Boost Your Vitamin D Levels:

In major countries including Bangladesh it is seen that people who are mostly indoors are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is considered as a key vitamin to enhance our energy levels. So try to go under the sun or outdoors whenever possible, also people who have small kids can take kids out to play in parks and gardens and do a little family activity which boosts your family-health balance meter.

A Back Up Plan Is Must:

If there is a setback to your exercise routine, or you have had an unhealthy meal, don’t worry. You can always work harder the next day, try to exercise and also do some outdoor activity, maybe go to groceries walking, or walk up the stairs instead of taking the lift, or dance at home to your favorite songs (dancing relieves stress drastically) Outsourcing your meals to healthier food delivery companies can also make a huge difference in your distribution of time. Asking for help from family members to take care of kids or household chores while you are out to gym or swimming can help you concentrate on hard-hitting fitness goals.

Build Your Mental Strength:

A major part of fitness is staying motivated and feeling positive about your current circumstances. Challenges and difficulties are part of life and words of encouragement can help you get out of the worsts state and fight it. Thus it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people and positive state of affairs who uplift you rather than demotivate you and quit with degrading comments like, “Why do you want to be fit,”  “You want to start modeling?” or “Don’t lose any more weight, you look sick.” In every cost stay focused and try to understand first why you want to be fit. Doing yoga and mindfulness exercises every alternate day and listen to positive podcasts or videos to stay enriched and enthused.

Track Your Fitness Progress:

You might think that you’re not a numbers person but when it comes to fitness it’s competitive to hit number goals. Try investing in calorie monitoring watches and track you food chart by using apps like ‘my fitness pal ‘or ‘loose it calorie’ etc. For weight loss and general fitness, mixing cardio and strength training can increase the challenge of workout. For those whose BMI falls under overweight or obese, cardio is the best exercise, reducing the intensity and increasing the cardio time can be most optimum. For a healthy body, burning 300-500 calories a day is ideal. A meal plan of 1200-1400 calories can be followed along with moderate physical activities to lose weight.

Aim For Balance In Workout-Family Life:

Working out too hard and way too constantly and not taking enough nutrition/rest to help muscle recovery can create problem for you. It is always better if you schedule workouts at the beginning of each week, rather than wake up each morning. Also to get time for family outings, social life should not be hampered due to your fitness goals. There should be enough time for work, fitness and family if you plan ahead of time. Also be very sincere to your workout needs and treat it as a business meeting and be prepared ahead.



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