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Emergency Fund to the Rescue

Unforeseen emergency situations can appear without any signs of warning and leave anyone feeling blindsided and despaired. Considering the current economic downturn and infections from COVID-19 being on rise worldwide, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the world is soon hit by major financial crisis and recession period. Pandemic or not, a sudden job loss, an emergency health situation or an unexpected rise in prices of commodities or tuition fees can also, any day, add a deal to your stress, and leave you feeling anxious, down and out and in dire need of funds to put your life together.

While asking for financial favors might be a direct hit at your self-esteem, emergency funds can come to a great rescue during such situations. We all need to have a safety net that can be ideally created by putting a certain sum of money aside and completely forgetting about it-until hit by an emergency. And, that sum is exactly what we mean by an emergency fund.

No matter how prudent or spendthrift you are when it comes to money, if you’re struggling to save up for that emergency fund, here’s what can get you started:

1.     Informed Decisions:

Informed decisions about spending can help you save a great deal. Setting up yourself a weekly or monthly budget on spending and cutting off on impulse buying can leave you with more extra bucks than you can expect. Putting them aside can be turn out to be one of the most essential things.

Find out what your hidden talents are and if you happen to get some spare time off work and commitments

2.     Sharing is Saving:

The next time you call for an UBER or subscribe to a NETFLIX account try making use of the pool option available or apply for a shared subscription to save on that extra penny you spend without even realizing.

3.     Gear-up for that extra gig!

Find out what your hidden talents are and if you happen to get some spare time off work and commitments, maybe turn into a freelancer. This way your skills will stay in practice and whatever you earn from there can be saved up for later.

4.     Modern-Day Piggy Banks:

Just like old days you can store all that extra you put in so much effort to save into the modern-day version of piggy banks-accounts that pay higher interest, just like the City Alo DPS Account. Visit http://www.cityalo.com/deposit/goal-based-dps-account for more details!

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