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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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City Alo is dedicated women’s only banking division of the City Bank. We cater to the specific needs of women in Bangladesh.

City Alo was launched to increase opportunities for women in Bangladesh through our suite of financial products, as well as essential non-financial services such as certification program, insurance coverage, networking facilities, business directories, mentoring, skills development and many more. We want City Alo to be a one stop destination for women in Bangladesh for all kinds of financial and non-financial services.

Yes, we have modified our existing financial products to meet the needs of women in Bangladesh. For more information, please visit our products’ page from the navigation menu.

Any woman above the age of 18 years can be a City Alo customer. Please visit your nearest City Alo dedicated service points or our City Alo Women Branch or any of your nearest City Bank branches.

No, you can use the website completely for free.

Yes, women entrepreneurs definitely can! Also, we will be inviting all other women and not only entrepreneurs to share their success stories with us. Please leave your contact details so that we can notify you when we launch this feature.

You can enjoy discounts at leading hospitals and diagnostic centers when you avail City Alo High Value and Savings Delight Accounts. You will receive a life insurance and discount card from Delta Life Insurance Company. 

Yes, City Alo has online banking services through Citytouch. For registration, please visit:
Citytouch website

Yes, an existing City Bank customer can switch to City Alo. For details, please call our 24/7 customer service center at 16234.

Yes, you will enjoy welcome vouchers that will provide discounts at leading shopping, dining, and health centers. Customers will also receive cashback and discount offers from various merchants when making purchases using our City Alo VISA Debit Card.

You can expect to get a call within 7 days from City Alo.

The City Alo Women Branch is a state of the art branch of our Bank that is entirely dedicated to City Alo customers. It is located in the heart of the city at Shanta Skymark Tower on 18 Gulshan Avenue. This café cum banking branch is designed in collaboration with Gloria Jeans’ Coffee. Customers can grab a cup of coffee, relax in our lounge-type banking area and get their banking needs met!

This is a Flagship Course that has been created in collaboration with North South University to increase the financial literacy and softer skills of women entrepreneurs. This is a first of its kind in Bangladesh and will help all women entrepreneurs gear up for the launching of their own business as well as manage and improve their current businesses. Students will receive a certificate from the University and City Bank upon completion of the 10 week course.

City Alo Service Points are dedicated service desks at selected City Bank branches to cater to City Alo customers. The customers for City Alo will have priority over other customers.

Yes, the products under City Alo are different from City Bank’s regular banking products. They have been customized to reflect the needs of women in Bangladesh. For more information, please visit our products’ page from the navigation menu.

You can get discounts by using City Alo Debit Card at various shopping, dining, hospitals, medicine stores, etc. For more details, please call 16234.