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Choosing the Right Career

“Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If you manage to choose the right career, you will enjoy your work each day.

But women would agree that choosing the right career is difficult, much like other aspects of life. It is evident that women’s employment plays an important role in the development of any nation and that participation of women in the work force can change the dynamics of the labour market. According to a study by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the size of the female labor force in Bangladesh has increased at a significantly more rapid rate than that of men from the 2015-16 to 2016-17. 

This statistic implies that a lot of avenues are opening up for women in Bangladesh. But we need to do our bit to take the nation further ahead by empowering women and helping them make the right career choices.

There are shining examples of women who have shattered the glass ceiling and engaged in professions considered to be male dominant. Women such as Mirona Khatun made a mark in field of sports by breaking all barriers internationally when she was appointed as the coach of Dhaka City FC, a second tier team of Bangladeshi league football. Another example is Rabia Bhuiyan, the first woman to practice law and become a barrister in Bangladesh. Nishat Mazumder became the first Bangladeshi woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. 

To find the right career, you should look at options that suits your personality apart from your interests and also consider work-related values. Money as well as matching your occupation to your character traits and motivations would complement each other and work beautifully.

You could consider doing the following while making the choices for your respective careers. 

Choosing the right career path is a daunting task for everyone. To ensure you get the most out of your job, follow these steps.

Learning a bit more about yourself

You should first start to figure out as much as you can about yourself. A career development professional can be of help. If money is an issue, public libraries that offer career planning services or local agencies can be sought for help. 

Making a list of career choices

Countless choices are out there. Unexpected choices can arise too due to self-assessment tools. It would be wise if you could draw up a master list and combine all of the options to avoid confusion.


Every employer loves an employee who offers to volunteer for a new project. Taking on new tasks and learning new skills at work can help enhance your CV. Volunteering outside the domain of your work can help improve your self-confidence and even provide you with valuable work experience and contacts in your area of interest.

Networking on the net 

With the increasing number of active internet connections in Bangladesh, it would be ideal to use this medium to know, interact and learn more. Social media and the internet has become imperative tools for people looking for career choices.

Taking good care of yourself

Take good care of yourself, eat right, exercise well and rest as much as you can before you decide to take any decision. This will help you tackle the larger issues wherever you venture out and also give you the stamina for the challenges ahead. 

Availing the options available 

The City Bank launching the City Alo website provides an opportunity for women to seek advice and network with each other. The website is a knowledge flowing platform and a one-stop solution for women who want to start a new or even consider their second innings in their careers.

The first “Inspiring Women” style event in Dhaka on 23rd December 2015 brought together many successful women from the corporate world who inspired and opened up various avenues for over 200 female students. 

TORU, an institution & the Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre are preparing a whole new breed of women to become authorities in their respective domains. You can make the most of these opportunities and enrol in their courses to enhance your skillsets. 

So all you wonderful and determined women, go out, try and experiment and stick to what you love and what you excel at. Deliver your best. We are sure whatever you go for, you will excel at it if your heart is in it. 

All the best!

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